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The phrase dyslexic Godmother, was given to me by one of my Godchildren. And I have kept the title with honour, and pride. I say this because having dyslexia can make you feel embarrassed, frustrated and can knock your confidence. I like many other people and children have claimed the power back, and I stand with victory of claiming it with courage, self-worth dignity and pride.


Pride because without dyslexia, my gifts and passion would have never of manifested. Being a fantasy sci-fi author and creative entrepreneur, has allowed me to explore the blessing that being dyslexic holds. I am not dis-guarding the difficulties but work towards changing the narrative for my fellow dyslexics. Being the dyslexic Godmother my aim is to use this platform to share information, highlight and celebrate the great dyslexia gifted while working collectively to make positive changes.

Please take a moment and read through 7 amazing people’s stories that have overcome their challenges and strived through their life coping with dyslexia. Their stories are truly inspirational and I am really proud to be able to share them with you.

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