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How old were you, when you realised you had difficulty with reading and spelling. And was there any other areas in your time in education that you found difficult e.g. math lesson, day dreaming?

I 40 went I realised it became apparent that in my job Housing support officer , Birmingham city council then sent me for an assessment

And that was my 1st year at university studying housing

(Note did not finish university)


Do you have other disabilities along with dyslexia, e.g. dyspraxia?

Dyslexia, dyscalculia


Did you receive a statement for your dyslexia, if so how old were you?

Yes I received it when I was 40


What support have you ever received for dyslexia?

I have received support from access to work

And remploy

Which was a lot of talking and very little doing

And make really complex to access


Do you feel there is enough support within your communities for children and adults coping with dyslexia? if no why ?

No there is no where enough support as I said lots of people talking and advising

But very little doing about really understanding a learning disability


What would you like to see in the future for those coping with dyslexia?

Accessing a

Service that is or have staff that have learning disabilities

And more help and support as on going basis

What they seem to think that a learning disabilities only affects you at work ?


Name some of your gifts that has come along with having dyslexia, and what has it taught you?

Photographer that’s what dyslexia has brought me , as it’s a way of communication to the world of in literature visual way



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