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How old were you, when you realised you had difficulty with reading and spelling. And was there any other areas in your time in education that you found difficult e.g. math lesson, day dreaming?
1. Around 11yrs old secondary school, though thinking about it now. It was around  the last 2 years of primary school so 9 yrs , and it was when I was getting prepared for secondary school. I found maths lesson very difficult, English was scary when we had to read our work out. I would always find an excuse not do he noticed and. Asked to stand and read. It would make me feel sick, hands would sweat, and I would just cry, but the teacher would always pick me knowing how it made me feel.

Do you have other disabilities along with dyslexia, e.g. dyspraxia?

2.  No I don’t. But I feel I learn much more and faster when I am shown something, rather than reading and writing it down. I more of a  kinaesthetic  learner.

Did you receive a statement for your dyslexia, if so how old were you?

3. No never received a thing. And how old was I, well I noticed and felt the pressure in my 1st year in secondary school so about 11yrs old.
What support have you ever received for dyslexia?

4. I never had support. Just placed in low group classes at school. How I have coped and coping now is what I have done for myself.
Do you feel there is enough support within your communities for children and adults coping with dyslexia? if no why ?

5. No. When I was at school I was separated from my school friends.
And had to go to the low groups in maths and English. I hated it. Because it had to sit outside the classroom with 3/4other kids I didn’t know. While all my friends were across the way.
What would you like to see in the future for those coping with dyslexia?

6. More support an empathy, understanding, and encouragement. And less pressure on grading, with more focus on their strong creative areas.
Name some of your gifts that has come along with having dyslexia, and what has it taught you?

7. Writing poetry and having it published, getting a double distinction in IT, completing home study
Courses , where now I’m a herbal practitioner. All of these gifts has made me feel that I’m
Not a stupid as I thought I was for all those years. 

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