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Q1 How old were you, when you realised you had difficulty with reading and spelling. And was there any other areas in your time in education that you found difficult e.g. math lesson, day dreaming?

1 I was 4 years old when my family realised there was something challenging me, when I started nursery.
Once I had stared in school full time I found the entire experience very challenging.

Q2 Do you have other disabilities along with dyslexia, e.g. dyspraxia?

2 Dyslexia and A.D.D

Q3 Did you receive a statement for your dyslexia, if so how old were you?

3 I did school didn’t provide it so my parents payed for one privately I was 8.

Q4 What support have you ever received for dyslexia?

4 I had learning support in school but it was not that effective as it was just a way of getting a few of us out of the classroom.

Q5 Do you feel there is enough support within your communities for children and adults coping with dyslexia? if no why ?

5 I don’t. I think dyslexia should be celebrated and people with it should be supported to get an education that works for them.

Q6 What would you like to see in the future for those coping with dyslexia?

Less pressure on academic studies more focus on creativity.

Q7 Name some of your gifts that has come along with having dyslexia, and what has it taught you?

7 Music Is my number 1. Writing it. Recording it.
Out of the box creative thinking.
Super focus on things that interest me.

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