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About the Author S.E.Carter

Sandra. E. Carter, born and raised in Birmingham UK, her avid love and passion for the creative arts, has enabled her to support the development of many young people’s lives, by continually encouraging them to pursue their dreams. From fashion to dance to music, each art form enabled Sandra to express herself, but her love for writing outweighed them all.  Writing allowed her to stretch and explore her imagination leading her to give birth to an amazing fantasy series. Having a burning desire to overcome the stigma of the disability ‘dyslexia,’ Sandra embarked on creating a new voice for those who may feel embarrassed or ashamed of being dyslexic. Being a huge fan of anime, manga, fantasy and sci-fi, she let go and disappeared into her imagination, immersing herself into the world of Kettorah. Then one day, on a chilly winter evening the 5th November 2018, she looked up and had written three books and counting.

‘This has been a labour of love, one of which I am truly, truly grateful for’

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