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I realised I had difficulties with academic learning at around the age of 12.  I understood what was being asked of me but I just couldn’t  process or retain the information or understand patterns and sequences. My undergraduate years were challenging, but managed to develop coping strategies. I was resilient and determined...but I was always  tearful, anxious, fearful of failure, stressed out and plagued with constant thoughts about quitting.  

I was finally assessed at 39 whilst on my Masters degree course. I was given IT equipment and software and I was  assigned a dyslexia support tutor. 


We need more teachers and work place managers to be aware of the diverse and complex nature of dyslexia and that it can cause stress and anxiety. 

Gifts that I believe come with my dyslexia... what comes to mind is when  I was teaching at Coventry University College and students who were not assigned to my group would line up to have tutorials with me.


The students said they found my lectures and tutorials most enjoyable because I used colourful, creative, interactive and memorable teaching and learning tools to breakdown and explain complex theories and academic text. 

I’m currently a 4th year  Doctoral student and the dyslexia battle continues. I’m still developing new ways of learning to manage at this academic level and I still have days when I feel like quitting. But why give up now when it’s largely because of my dyslexia that I’ve been so determined and resilient

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